Day 34: “Jimmy the crack head…” – to Chaing Rai

Feeling tired yet happy in the Thai sunshine we continued on our way from the motel that Por had dropped us in late last night. We were picked up, for the 20th time on our journey so far, in record time by a man called Wisoot. His English was good enough to hold a slow

Day 22 – 23: “Chaos San Road…” – Bangkok

From Ratchaburi, we hitched the 100 km to Bangkok in two rides without much trouble. The first car that stopped for us typifies the Thai attitude. A car drove past us on the highway at 90 odd km per hour and only realised what we were trying to do when it was too late. The

Day 21: “Michael’s happy dance…” – to Ratchaburi

That night we again slept in the back of the open truck as it drove through the darkness. It wasn’t as comfortable as Suwarno’s in Indonesia though, because this time we didn’t have any sleeping mats. We were on a crate and, due to the pot-hole ridden Thai roads, every so often we’d take off

Day 19: “Sick fashion…” – Sadao

I awoke in a small attic-type room, above the bar. After the night’s heavy drinking session it was always going to be a brutal morning. Michael went through every step of his customary hangover routine, as systematic and predictable as ever. He woke up chewing his hangover breath, then leaned over and was sick into

Welcome to Thailand

Day 18: Welcome to Thailand – Alor Setar, Malasia

After a brief visit to The Chief’s new house, which he proudly explained was in an affluent suburb, the bus dropped us off near Alor Setar, only 30 kilometres south of the Thailand border. We considered calling it a day and finding somewhere to sleep, maybe in a field or something but the allure of