Day 41: “Fresh Prince of Huizé…” – Huizé, China

Thankfully the ride in the death car only lasted about 30 minutes. I’ve never been so terrified in a car before or since and at one point I genuinely prepared my body for the crash that seemed inevitable. The maniac skidded his car to a halt at a junction off the highway and we both

Day 40: “The gooch scraper…” – Kunming

As we’d managed to knock off 543 km in one go, we allowed ourselves an extra night in Kunming, a large city of 5 million people with historical origins dating back 2’400 years. For most of the day we wandered around trying to find somewhere to wash our clothes but, because everyone charged per item,

Day 38: “Cock blocked…” – Jinghong”

“Are you alright?” Michael asked me “Yeah” “Why are you walking like that?” “Like what?” “Like you’ve shit yourself” “Heat rash. Too much heat, sweat and walking. Need to find some baby powder” “That’s nasty” Despite the considerable discomfort of my heat rash, we were