The Rich-Mike HitchHike Insight: Hitchhiking in Indonesia

Because of the abundance of minibus taxis here, hitchhiking is rare. This is not to say it’s impossible because we’d been picked up by four people before we were given our ‘golden ticket’ in Situbondo.

The natural generosity and kindness of the Indonesian people will eventually get you a ride if you wait long enough. We were very lucky here. If Michael hadn’t had the inspired idea to go to the police I think it would have been very unlikely that we would’ve made it to Jakarta on time.

Indonesia Hitchhiking Rating: af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15af2e834c1e23ab30f1d672579d61c25a_15(5/10)


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