Day 55: “Lamb?…” – Turpan

“I think I fancy some lamb tonight,” said Michael, as we sat down to eat in celebration of the time we’d made up.


The waitress came over and handed us each a Chinese menu and the usual game ensued where we pointed at random symbols and the waitress acted out the dominant animal in the dish. Up until this night I was very confident that Michael and I were going to clean up at charades this Christmas. Our opponents, you see, are the Campians, a drama family, so they always win. “Not this year though!” I’d been telling myself, “Not with our daily acting experience”. My confidence, however, was somewhat dented by the following debacle…

I went first and picked an option on the menu. The waitress pointed her fingers from her head, to indicate horns, and went “mooooooooo”.

“Oh Lamb?” said Michael, nodding confidently.

“No Mike, I’m pretty sure that’s beef,” I said; then, turning to the waitress, “Yes please, Zhege, xiexie, thank you”.

Michael then pointed at another option on the menu and the waitress kind of pawed her hand and made an indiscriminate noise, something like “Meeowwwww”

We looked at each other in silence.

 “Lamb?” asked Michael.

Michael’s travel tip of the week: If you’re ever in Turpan, avoid the lamb.


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